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Natalie Brookes

Entrepreneurship Facilitator, Richmond Tweed

Entrepreneurship Facilitator Service

Natalie is the Entrepreneurship Facilitator appointed to service the Richmond - Tweed (Ballina) region - an initiative of the Australian Government.

Natalie comes with a wealth of experience in start-ups having established two of her own, and understands the freedom and joy that self-employment and business ownership bring, along with the constant challenges it presents. Natalie is a natural leader and works with people on a strengths-based basis. Mentoring and empowering people to identify their natural talents and strengths and providing support and assistance in areas they require.

Having started her career working for Sir Paul McCartney in London, Natalie is a qualified accountant, experienced senior business consultant and analyst, Natalie also holds additional post graduate qualifications, and comes with a range of industry experience. From not-for-profit organisations, through to local government and private sectors including; general insurance, music and book publishing, manufacturing, aviation, agribusiness and health food industries.

How Your local Facilitator can support you?

Developing and Mentoring

Entrepreneurship Facilitators are funded by the Australian Government, and can help you develop your idea into a business by providing mentoring and business support, including:

  • Assisting you to understand how to go about starting a business.
  • Helping you develop a marketing plan.
  • Working with you to identify your business needs.
  • Referring you to other appropriate support and assistance (that may be fee for service).
Developing  and Mentoring

Your local Entrepreneurship Facilitator, is delivering their assistant and support services across these locations.

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